Our Industries

Upstream Oil and Gas

Minestar manages the complete life cycle of projects across production, storage and transportation facilities, and associated infrastructure. With safety under-pinning, our clients value our technical experience, project delivery methods, and reach to support their goals in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas.

Minestar delivers multiple modular solutions for a wide range of projects. We design and fabricate modular units to be transported, assembled, connected, and commissioned with minimal on-site construction support.

Services include:

  • Land & regulatory assistance
  • Field planning & development
  • Well site facilities & gathering systems
  • Separation (oil, gas, water)
  • Gas processing & liquids
  • Flare and emergency systems
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Pipelines, terminal facilities, gathering systems
  • Water & water management
  • Infrastructure, power, and utilities

Working long-term with clients such as Suncor, Shell Albian Sands, and Imperial Oil, Minestar’s depth and breadth of experience in heavy oil recovery projects encompasses in-situ and upgrading facilities, oil sands mining, extraction, reclamation, and sustaining projects.

From pilot plants to full scale commercial facilities, Minestar provides front end design and planning through to construction and commissioning. Our capability extends across the entire production process: well pads, processing facilities (fluid coking, hydro-processing, hydro-treating, and re-blending), sulfur recovery, tailings management, storage, utilities, and infrastructure.

Downstream Oil and Gas

The transforming market conditions in many regions, coupled with robust oil and gas production, are compelling many refiners to capitalize on the changing dynamics and invest in new and expanded facilities. Working for industry leaders, Minestar executes major revamps and grassroots projects across petroleum refining, gas processing, liquefied natural gas, and associated offsite and environmental facilities.

Minestar provides market analysis and opportunity identification, plus techno-economic evaluations of new capital projects. Other specialized offerings include:

  • Plant and reactor modeling & scheduling
  • Market & economic evaluations
  • Environmental feasibility studies
  • Safety management, optimization, and licensing studies
  • Preliminary process design & simulation
  • Process control strategy
  • Energy analysis & strategy
  • Novel reactors
  • Capital cost estimating
  • Feasibility & FEED studies
  • Master planning
  • Commissioning

For refining clients, Minestar designs and constructs grassroots units, completes full modernization programs, turnarounds and maintenance projects, and advises on energy conservation and optimization.

Minestar supports its clients around the world by delivering a complete range of activities from economic studies, evaluation of new technologies, conceptual and basic design to engineering, procurement, construction, construction management and commissioning.

Evolving and tightening environmental regulations are impacting many refiners, and our experience in clean fuels, environmental and compliance projects is helping clients thrive in this quickly changing environment.

We advise early in project planning and development phases and continue to bring a wealth of expertise to the design, development and environmental definition of major projects. Minestar takes a flexible and solution-driven approach to project management and schedule control, drawing from the best of our industry wide and geographical experience.

Specialized services

  • Crude stabilization and separation
  • Catalytic reforming
  • Catalytic cracking
  • Hydrocracking
  • Hydro treating
  • Alkylation
  • Isomerization
  • Polymerization
  • Hydrogen purification
  • Asphalt production
  • Aromatics fractionation
  • Solvent extraction
  • Gasoline treatment
  • Sulfur recovery and treatment
  • Blending and storage systems
  • Flare and utility systems
  • Clean fuels: gasoline and diesel
  • Storage and handling

Minestar’s clients face a wide variety of local, legislative and environmental conditions, as they look to expand and upgrade their existing brownfield assets, or invest in new processing or storage facilities.

Our technical competence enables us to help our clients no matter the scale or complexity of their processing assets and associated storage facilities. Minestar provides complete asset life cycle capability from scoping studies and technical evaluations, through to engineering, design, procurement, construction/construction management, modification and maintenance capability, start-up, and commissioning.

Minestar’s specialized Gas processing and liquids services include:

  • Gas dehydration, treating, compression
  • LPG/NGL recovery, NGL production
  • Sour gas and CO2 treating
  • Sulfur recovery and treatment
  • Liquids/crude oil treating and stabilization
  • Midstream and Inter-site Pipelines

Working with a variety of clients from independent transportation companies to major pipeline operators, Minestar designs, procures, builds and installs any size or complexity of pipeline, gathering system and associated infrastructure. We help clients look at a field, program, or entire portfolio to assess options, including on-going operations & maintenance programs.

Our pipeline work includes; SAGD Gathering Pipelines, Tailings Pipelines Gathering Systems, Meter stations, Tank farms, Pump and Compressor stations.

Our terminal work covers the range of marine loading/unloading, rail, tankage, and truck.

Minestar offers full project life-cycle professional and support services, such as hydraulic modeling, surveying, mapping, environmental, regulatory permitting, procurement, right of way clearing, pipeline construction and commissioning support.


With the dynamic market conditions driven largely by low costs and natural gas-based feedstock pricing, companies are investing heavily in petrochemicals, chemicals and polymers projects. Producers need experienced partners to help them take advantage of opportunities and maximize investments.

Our historic strength is in delivering technically-complex chemical facilities, particularly in the key growth regions such as North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Minestar delivers complete life-cycle capabilities to design and build new manufacturing facilities, manage plant relocation’s, and optimize expansions and modifications.

Tapping into our diverse project management and process-technology resources, Minestar guides and assists its clients from an initial concept all the way to a fully constructed and operating facility. Working with an extensive list of licensors and process technologies, we help plant operators realize the optimum profitable potential of their production facilities. Minestar provides services for debottlenecking and upgrading existing plants – from facility survey, process evaluation, and simulation through to project execution. We also can assist our clients with commercializing their developmental technologies.

Our long-term client relationships enable us to fully understand their business drivers, operations, resources, and methods of working. This comprehensive working knowledge promotes better planning, design, work practices, constructability, and maintainability processes. Together, we develop an integrated framework that achieves greater and more sustainable performance improvements.

As the global petrochemical industry enters a transition phase, many producers are adapting their strategies and redirecting their efforts toward developing regions for additional expansion. In more mature markets, producers are seeking to maintain and increase market share. Minestar’ global network integrates the best from our resources and local expertise to support these growth plans.

Clients are adapting to evolving environmental regulations and increasing demands around sustainability, alongside the need for improved cost and production efficiency. Minestar has contributed to the conceptualization and implementation of ideas which are the foundation for world-class production facilities. This wide-ranging experience enables us to find new ways to add value where speed and innovation are essential.

From the early stages of projects, we help our clients develop big picture strategies, as well as specific project solutions. Minestar can assist with site development, feasibility studies and conceptual design. Our clients value our work processes, virtual office platforms, and project delivery strength. These capabilities combine to help deliver highly cost-effective, safe, reliable, and easily maintained plants.

Project types:

  • Olefins & derivatives
  • Aromatics & derivatives
  • Synthesis gas & derivatives
  • Miscellaneous petrochemicals
  • Power and Utilities

Worldwide demand in the energy market continues to grow, with developing markets consuming energy as fast as it can be produced.

Major expansion and upgrade programs are underway in India, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. Most of our European clients are trying to meet goals for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – spurring investment in renewables as well as transmission and distribution systems.

Minestar is a preferred partner for power and utility companies. We serve their priorities for cost-effective, efficient, high-quality solutions while supporting them in a vast range of energy projects. From power generation, energy integration, and heat recovery through to transmission and distribution, Minestar builds pilot facilities, greenfield plants, and associated infrastructure, as well as assists clients to expand capacity or extend the life of existing assets and plants. Our experienced consultants can help you plan, forecast, expand, diversify, outsource, and reduce costs.

Minestar’s deep understanding of the regulatory environment that our clients operate in means we can help them plan long term to suit their business needs and priorities. We also have the experience, geographic reach, and technical skills to help clients expand into new regions, bring plants online, improve safety measures, lower operational costs, recommend disaster recovery plans, and implement renewable energy programs.

Clients include gas and electric utilities, transmission and distribution companies, municipalities, regulatory commissions, government and state-controlled energy firms, financial institutions, hospital district, university campuses, and more.

Energy providers are investing in new power generating capacity and associated infrastructure to meet their usage needs and address industry regulatory requirements. Through our collaborative, value-enhancing approach, Minestar guides our clients through every step of their project: from feasibility studies, energy master planning and programming to design and full-scale project implementation.

Minestar’s experience spans small scale renewable programs to large scale thermal power generating facilities. Many of our industrial, commercial and public sector clients rely on our expertise in heat integration, waste heat recovery, cogeneration and biomass facilities, organic rankine cycles and other sustainable energy systems.

As an experienced framework management partner, we understand the business priorities and critical success factors.

From gas, oil, and coal to biomass and energy-from-waste, Minestar provides robust solutions across the complete life of an asset. Our expertise spans boilers and heat recovery steam generators; gas turbines and combined cycle gas turbines; combined heat and power plants; steam turbines, condensers and FEED heaters; and energy concepts such as heat pumps and organic rankine cycles.

We support clients with their biofuels facilities; waste heat utilization projects; carbon capture and storage projects; as well as power station electrical systems. Minestar also assists clients with their energy management, energy efficiency assessments and improvement strategies, as they seek to reduce operational costs, while maximizing asset efficiency. Clients include utilities, as well as both private and public sector entities, including universities, hospital districts, federal agencies, and business districts.

Pulp and Paper

Continued globalization of the pulp, paper, and consumer products markets have Minestar’s manufacturing clients focused on cutting expenses and increasing market share by localizing their manufacturing in high growth regions of the world such as Southeast Asia, China, India, and South America. In established markets, our customers need to get more out of existing plants by replacing or upgrading facilities and moving to higher valued-added product mixes.

Minestar’s full-service capabilities make us an important partner for manufacturers, as we combine industry specific experience in design and construction of food, beverage, and consumer product facilities with expertise in international operations. Clients can rely on us for our strength in systems integration, and our ability to modernize and consolidate activities to streamline processes while allowing for future growth.

Minestar is well-equipped to design, construct, and commission new facilities to the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. Most manufacturers now seek LEED accredited professionals for their projects, and we’re ready with a team that can ensure clients are getting the best long-term value solutions.

Organizations in the pulp and paper industry look to Minestar as a collaborative partner. We consult with them to determine the best solution to keep them competitive in today’s global market.

Water and Waste Water

Driven by the growing need to replace aging water management infrastructure, our public and private clients are investing to keep these major systems operational. In developing nations, such as India and China, there are plans to invest billions in water infrastructure over the next 20 years.

Minestar offers a complete solution package to its clients water, wastewater, and flood control challenges across the world. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment enables us to adapt solutions to help our clients address their stakeholder needs – from investor to end user. Minestar works closely with municipalities on projects ranging from regulatory enforcement requirements tackling sewer overflows, to green solutions for storm water management. Addressing issues such as collection, treatment and re-use of wastewater for our clients, we deliver the benefits of sustainable, innovative, cost-saving solutions to meet their needs.

Skilled at managing large, complex programs, Minestar can also help government clients keep costs down by staffing substantial, multi-year programs. While we work at the local level to meet specific individual entity needs, we are able to leverage our water resources experts to bring the best practices of the industry to any project.

Our water resource experts are helping clients meet challenges posed by the increasing imbalance between water supply and demand, driven by extreme drought and/or flooding events, and exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

By exploring in-region water management and water transfer opportunities, Minestar is able to advise on the most efficient and effective surface and groundwater solutions during front end strategy and planning, while also providing continual support through feasibility, engineering and construction.

Our global teams are active in sharing best practices and ideas, helping to improve water quality by combining innovative treatment processes with safe, maintainable engineering solutions that incorporate off-site build technology.

As it relates to collection and distribution systems, our goal is to help preserve existing infrastructure by guiding and implementing prioritized rehabilitation of aging assets. Minestar uses up-to-date asset location and condition data to plan, design, schedule, and manage the execution of capital improvement projects. We understand regulatory requirements and limits resulting in the ability to help develop a common-sense program that reduces infiltration/inflow and controls overflows.

Communities are facing new challenges to reduce cost and meet ever-tightening standards for wastewater treatment. Minestar helps develop solutions that can meet tight discharge limits, save money and have minimal impact on our communities and neighbors.

Our award-winning solutions for nutrient removal reliably meet some of the tightest nutrient limits in the world. Minestar understands how to optimize treatment and has demonstrated our ability to deliver energy efficiencies and cost savings to our clients, reducing power costs by up to 40 percent.

In addition to treatment, Minestar’s capabilities cover wastewater collection and re-use – offering full service planning, design, program, and construction management of facilities across the world.

Green Technology

Our specialists provide technical, planning, and environmental expertise to help our clients design and build Green energy projects. With multi-disciplinary skills, Minestar offers a range of services including site identification and evaluation; modelling, design, and facility optimization; electrical infrastructure/grid interfacing; and project management; distribution support; and consultation strategy support.

We are able to provide you with service from a single element in a wind energy project right through to “commission-ready” energy farms.

No one is better equipped to support your existing operations and maintenance needs. Together we can work to establish the baseline of performance excellence for your facility. From substation equipment, to switchgear and padmounts, to terminations, gear boxes, shaft and major components, understanding your equipment and performance commitments will ensure your facility is operating at its full potential.

Minestar’s growth has been fueled by our ability to work in multiple, remote regions and take on larger and more complex projects throughout Canada. We believe that any project can be effectively managed by dividing it into distinct tasks and responsibilities. We have successfully applied this efficient methodology to operations and allocation of resources throughout our organization.

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